Born in Santa Monica, CA, Heather Cvar is a true Angeleno at heart. From a young age Heather has always been fascinated by make-up as a very-personal, intricate art form -- a conduit for the expression of true beauty -- and is fascinated by the science behind product formulation. 

Her strong attention to detail and clever techniques can be attributed to her time in art school; though it was her travels abroad that truly enabled her to think outside of the box. Having been in  bands, most of Heather's experience has been in the music industry -- i.e. live performances, personal appearances, music videos, etc. Something in the melody speaks to the grace of her stroke. 

Heather's background in Fine Arts and her personal/professional experiences have honed her sophisticated eye to color, texture and strong-attention to detail. She is an avid fan of classic cinema and the avant garde and feels inspired by romantic remnants of the past.


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